2003 Updates

December 26, 2003I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas holiday (if you celebrate; if not, I hope you had an enjoyable Thursday!) I have updated my game "The Backlot" to a later release, with another couple of fixes included. The newest version is now 2.6. I also added version numbers to my other game listings.
December 18, 2003I have updated my game to a later release, with another couple of fixes included. The newest version is now 2.5
December 17, 2003My next game, The Backlot, has been released. Go to my games page to download it. I think I set a new record on updates! Not 6 hours after my release, I have yet another release to correct a minor bug in the game. The newest version is 2.3
December 5, 2003I have begun beta-testing my latest game.
November 30, 2003I have updated the progress information for my latest game. See my games page for further details.
November 19, 2003I just discovered that links on my games page to the AIF Awards ("Erins") were no longer valid due to a restructuring of that website for the new 2003 awards. I have updated my links.
November 18, 2003My admittedly scanty research has determined that there was only one place you could obtain NewKid's Chick.t library, an excellent TADS 2 resource for developing AIF games. After receiving a couple of e-mails from people looking for this resource, I have decided to provide a copy on my website. Look on my files page for the link.
November 16, 2003My continued hosting of Sorgoth Noxsol's "Devil Child" is redundant with The AIF Portal back online. I have removed all of my links and files.
November 7, 2003Now that The AIF Portal is back online, I have changed my links to download "Devil Child" to point to Orgun's site. (Removed Nov 16, 2003)
October 31, 2003 The AIF Portal is back online! I have updated my link to the full version of "Devil Child" to reflect the new location for files. (Removed Nov 16, 2003)
October 27, 2003Orgun has begun getting The AIF Portal back online. As part of the process, he has made available some of the games in his files section, including the full version of "Devil Child". I have put a link to this section on my temporary listing for "Devil Child" on my games page. (Removed Nov 16, 2003)
October 23, 2003On my Rants & Ravings page, I have added some links to other online articles available regarding some of the topics I discuss.
October 21, 2003I have added Sorgoth's walkthrough for "Devil Child" on my games page. (Removed Nov 16, 2003) Also, Detonator Orgun has awarded my site with the first ever AIF Portal - Editor's Choice Website Award. My thanks to Detonator Orgun!
October 20, 2003I am temporarily providing a copy of Delorian's fix to the game "Devil Child" on my games page. (Removed Nov 16, 2003)
October 6, 2003I added code to the page to rate it according to Orgun's "AIF Ratings" from The AIF Portal. Also, I added in file sizes on my file listings.
October 1, 2003I have now added a logo for "Last Minute Gift" on my games page.
September 25, 2003Wow! It's been a while since my last update. Anyway, I added a new logo for "Dexter Dixon..." on my games page.
September 11, 2003Updated my games page with an estimated release date for my current WIP.
September 8, 2003Updated my home page, and added a new Rant/Raving to my Rants & Ravings page.
September 3, 2003After checking my site statistics on Geocities, I noticed that almost 9% of my visitors are either using a browser which doesn't support Java or have Java support disabled. So, I put a warning on my "Play Online" page that it requires Java support. Also, I noticed that the anti-ads code I put on this page is interfering with the Java applet, so I took it out on just this page.
August 28, 2003Thanks to a tip provided by Zeiram, I now block the pop-up ads auto-added by Geocities. I wonder how long it will be until Geocities catches on and works around this?
August 25, 2003Added IF archive mirror sites to my links page. Also, added quotes from Adventure and X-Trek to this page.
August 20, 2003I received a complaint that my anti-spamming measures in my 'mailto' link were causing problems with some email programs. I switched to a dynamically generated link which should still foil Spam-bots, but it should work fine with email programs.
August 19, 2003Added current date to the page. (removed Oct 21, 2003)
August 14, 2003Changed my image files to have transparent backgrounds. The site doesn't look any different, but it was bugging me!
August 12, 2003Updated my home page.
August 8, 2003Added 'jump to' links on my Rants & Ravings page.
August 7, 2003Added this update area and a link to The Brass Lantern.
August 6, 2003Added "AIF World" pictures at the top of the page. I also added the ability to play "Last Minute Gift" online thanks to the Jetty TADS interpreter.
August 5, 2003Oops! I forgot to include a description of the game I am currently working on: "The Backlot". A blurb for this game was added to my games page.
August 4, 2003This site goes online!