2004 Updates

December 28, 2004I finally fixed the problem with "Pool Party"! I have uploaded several copies of this file using various connections and computers, but it still kept downloading as corrupted. (And, yes, I downloaded it using various connections and computers as well.) I finally decided to use WinRAR to create the ZIP and uploaded it again, and this time it works. So, you can now download the game from my site.
December 12, 2004My apologies! Apparently, the zip file I had posted to my website for "Pool Party" had a problem with it. I have updated it with a new file. If you downloaded the original poolparty.zip file, please throw it away. The new file should be pp.zip. Again, my apologies.
December 12, 2004It's finally here. After almost a month of beta-testing, Chris and I have decided to release our collaborative game, "Pool Party". Go to my games page to download. Note: Due to Geocities/Yahoo restrictions on downloads per hour, you may be unable to download the game. If this happens, please try Christopher Cole's website. If you still have trouble, try the Yahoo! AIF Archive or Matrix Mole's website.
November 15, 2004It's hard to believe I haven't updated this website in almost two months! I have updated my games page with status information about the project that Chris Cole and I are working upon. Also, I have added a totally new page where I compare Sir Gareth's Sex.t library with NewKid's Chick.t library. You can access it here.
September 20, 2004I have updated my games page with information about another project I am currently working on.
August 8, 2004I have updated my games page with information about one of my current works-in-progress (WIP), a collaberative effort with Chris Cole. And, hey, what do you know! I just realized that on Aug 4 I passed my one year anniversary of having this site online.
July 18, 2004I have updated my links page. I have added a link to Matrix Mole's new AIF site.
July 9, 2004After reading a post by Sir Gareth, I checked his website and discovered that I had not posted the latest version of his sex.t library. I have now corrected that.
July 8, 2004With the disappearance of a great site for programmers, ArKane's "Interactive Fiction For Grownups", a lot of great resources also disappeared from the web. One of them, Sir Gareth's TADS library for writing AIF, has found a new home here. You can get it from my files page.
June 29, 2004I have added a tech support resolution to my games page for players experiencing problems while using WinTADS to play my games.
June 1, 2004I made a minor adjustment to my links page. Also, I removed the mini-comp link from the top of this page. You can still access it from the link on the left.
May 18, 2004Whoops! I just noticed that on my 'Mini-comp' page I had spelled the winner's name in one place as 'BBBem' instead of 'BBBen'. My apologies to BBBen, and it has been corrected.
April 24, 2004The voting is over and the results have been tabulated. Go to my mini-comp page to see the results.
April 7, 2004Due to a combination of a large number of games submitted to this year's competition, and the challenges faced by players in completing those games in just two weeks, the mini-comp deadline has been extended to April 23rd 2004. See the 'Mini-comp' link for details.
April 5, 2004Thanks to Joey for pointing out that on my 'Mini-comp' page I had some of the columns of entries mixed up. That has been corrected.
April 1, 2004The deadline for entries to my 2004 mini-comp is over. The games are now available. Click on the 'Mini-comp' link on the left side of the page to access the entries.
March 26, 2004Corrected the score in "Santa's Little Helper". Apparently, I can't add, as the maximum score is actually 55 points, not 45 points as the game previously reported. The latest version is now 1.75.
March 19, 2004I have updated my 'Mini-comp' page with a link to a site that explains run-off voting using 'The Muppets'.
March 16, 2004Added a walkthrough for "Santa's Little Helper". Go to my games page to download it.
March 11, 2004Corrected a problem in "Santa's Little Helper" whereby you could show the cleaned coat to Santa over and over and eventually win the game just doing this. The latest version is now 1.7, available on my games page.
March 3, 2004Thanks to Timberwulf for sending me GIF files of the Erin's that my game, "Last Minute Gift", received at the recent AIF Awards. You can see the GIFs by going to my games page. Click on the "Erin" heads to see the full size GIF.
February 26, 2004Added another clarification to the rules of the minicomp: Bathroom showers and bedroom closets are not part of the 1-3 room limit. Click on the 'Mini-Comp' link on the left to see all of the rules.
February 23, 2004Corrected yet another bug with Smitty in the leather shop. Latest version is now 1.6
February 22, 2004Corrected two more minor bugs in the game. Neither one would prevent you from winning, they were just minor cosmetic changes. The latest version is now 1.5
February 21, 2004Corrected a bug in the game in which one of the elves would erroneously report he was working on something when he really wasn't. The latest version is now 1.4
February 20, 2004My next game, Santa's Little Helper, has been released. Go to my games page to download it. Also, I have posted some clarifications to the rules of the mini-comp I am hosting.
February 19, 2004The mini-comp I am hosting has begun! Check out the details on my mini-comp page.
February 5, 2004I have entered the beta-testing stage of my latest game, and I updated the progress indicator to reflect this.
January 27, 2004Removed my link to my last game, "The Backlot", from the top of this page. I also updated my games page with a blurb about my upcoming Christmas-themed game.
January 20, 2004Added a walkthrough for "The Backlot" on my games page. This walkthrough is based upon one posted by Huggy Chump at alt.games.xtrek. I corrected a couple of small details, and added some additional information.
January 9, 2004Moved all of my 2003 update information to a separate web page, which you can find by clicking on the 2003 link above.
January 4, 2004Happy New Year everyone! I have added a new lib to my files page. This new library will let you display pictures in a separate window in an HTML-TADS game. Look for the "Show Pictures" library.