2005 Updates

December 22, 2005I can't believe I still haven't finished my latest game! Will it ever be done? At this point, I can say that yes it will. It was touch-and-go there for a while. Basically, through one distraction or another, I really lost interest in the direction the game was headed, which seems really stupid because I was directing it there purposefully. (I know, that doesn't explain anything but I hate giving away anything about my games until they are closer to release.) Anyway, I took a long break from it and approached it from a different direction that I like better and I think that will make the difference in completing the game.
September 28, 2005Well, here it is more than a month since my last update where I said my game would be ready for beta in "a couple weeks". Obviously, this hasn't happened. Let's hope for October!
August 26, 2005Wow! Almost two months since I updated this site. I fixed a bunch of dead links and added a blurb about my next game to my games page. It should be ready for beta within a couple of weeks.
June 28, 2005The CCAB competition is finished and the votes have been tallyed. Go to my competition page for the results.
June 24, 2005I have updated my links page with Christopher Cole's new location. I also added a link to the new AIF Community Portal.
June 20, 2005The games of the CCAB comp have been reviewed and are ready for download. For details, go to the competition page for details.
June 18, 2005Well, with a rocky start the competition is underway. Chris Cole and I are reviewing games pending release for judging. For more details click here.
June 16, 2005It turns out I was a bit hasty in my previous declaration of the end of the comp. There was another entry of which I was unaware. So, the comp is back on. More details to follow.
June 16, 2005Well, the CCAB competition deadline was yesterday, June 15th. Today, we begin judging the entries. And TA-DA! We're finished! Only one entry made this a very easy process. To read more about it, click here.
May 7, 2005The deadline for the competition being run by myself and Christopher Cole has been extended by two weeks. The new deadline is now June 15, 2005
April 19, 2005I updated my games page to display the GIF images of the Erin awards I received at the 2004 Erins ceremony. Click on the little Erin statues to see the awards.
April 2, 2005Christopher Cole and I are happy to announce that we will be co-coordinating a competition this year. The rules are quite a bit different than previous years. Click here, or on the 2005 Comp link at the left side of the page, for details!
March 30, 2005The 2004 AIF Awards ("Erins") have been awarded. I was fortunate enough to win four awards, two each for my games "The Backlot" and "Santa's Little Helper". Congratulations to all of the winners!
March 15, 2005I have posted R. J. Schwabe's walkthrough for "Tomorrow Never Comes" to my games page.
February 27, 2005A new version of Tomorrow Never Comes is available. This version (v2.21) corrects a small error in the description of Janet while she is in the Casino.
February 22, 2005I have updated my comparison of "Sex.t vs. Chick.t". It turns out I was comparing Chick.t to a version of Sex.t that was not the latest. My overall review still stands as originally written, but I clarified some details.
February 12, 2005A new version of Tomorrow Never Comes is available. This version (v2.2) contains a few small cosmetic changes.
February 8, 2005I added a version number to my listing for Tomorrow Never Comes.
February 4, 2005I have released my latest game - Tomorrow Never Comes! You can get this game from my games page. Note: Due to Yahoo/Geocities restrictions on kilobytes per hour you may have trouble downloading this game. Alternative locations include the Yahoo! AIF Archive 2 or Matrix Mole's sites.
January 30, 2005I have added a hint file for "Pool Party" to my games page. I have also updated my links page to include the Yahoo! AIF Archive and the new AIF Newsletter group.
January 8, 2005Moved all of my 2004 update information to a separate web page, which you can find by clicking on the 2004 link above. Also, I have uploaded a new version of Pool Party. There were a couple of small bugs that have been corrected.
January 7, 2005I have started beta-testing my latest game "Tomorrow Never Comes".
January 3, 2005Happy New Year everyone! I have added a link on my games page to David Whyld's review of "The Backlot", hosted over at his Shadow Vault website.