2006 Updates

December 28, 2006BBBen just recently updated the Erin's website, which changed some of my links on my games page. I have updated that page with new links.

Some people may be wondering what is going on with "Super Friends". Well, I finally threw in the towel. The problems with the game were ones that I just couldn't fix on my own. I consulted with some of my fellow authors, and they gave me some terrific feedback. There is a lot of work ahead of me to fix the problems in the game, so it will be a while before it is completed.

October 25, 2006I have released my latest game - Bob's Garage! As usual, you can get this game from my games page. Due to Yahoo! bandwidth limit restrictions, you may experience time-outs while trying to download the game. To help with this, I'm also publishing the game to Yahoo! AIF Archive 2 and to Matrix Mole's AIF Community page.

As part of this release, I'm also making available the source text to the game, along with a log of my experiences in writing "Bob's Garage". Both of these can be downloaded from my files page. I had originaly planned on writing a whole page about Inform 7, but I think the review I wrote for the AIF Newsletter plus the log I wrote pretty much say everything I need to say about it, so writing a web page would be redundant.

October 19, 2006I can't believe it's been this long since I updated my website! Let's see - what is new? Well, I finally got around to adding my 2006 mini-comp game "WWE - Raw's New GM" to the site, making it available for download separate from the other mini-comp entries. I also added a blurb for my soon-to-be released "Bob's Garage", a game written in Inform 7. Both of these are available on my games page. As soon as "Bob's Garage" is finished, I'll have a new page coming online here that will talk about my Inform 7 experience. It will include links to a log of the day-to-day troubles and triumphs of writing "Bob's Garage", plus the complete source text for the game for any future Inform 7 authors.
May 8, 2006Congratulations to all of my fellow authors who entered the 2006 AIF Mini-comp. This is the best year ever in terms of quality of games. I was fortunate enough to have my entry, WWE - RAW's New GM, chosen as the winner. Sooner or later, I'll get around to fixing a couple of bugs I found in the game after release and put it on my website here.

I have completely halted work on my "Super Friends" game, not through disinterest but because I am working on a new project for the AIF newsletter which is taking up most if not all of my spare time right now. On April 30, 2006, Graham Nelson (et. al.) released the public beta of his latest version of the Inform language - Inform 7. It is a really interesting new way of writing games. While I was never a huge fan of Inform, I was sufficiently intrigued by Inform 7 to attempt writing an AIF game in the new format. I hope to have something in a couple of months.

March 23, 2006I'm going to skip the usual "Wow, a bunch of time has passed and I still haven't finished my game" routine. I have actually been working on another game for the upcoming mini-comp. Once that is over and done with, I am thinking of having a couple of people play through what I have in my "Super Friends" game so far and see if it is actually worth finishing. Note: Please don't send me e-mail volunteering! I thank you for your consideration, but I am not ready to release this to the general public yet. The people who will be testing the game are already known.
February 3, 2006The Erins were on January 30th, and I was fortunate enough to win six for Tomorrow Never Comes! Thanks to: everyone who voted for my game; the nomination committee; and to A. Ninny for organizing the Erins this year.

Another note: I have moved all of my 2005 updates to another page which can be accessed from the link above.

I know, I know, I still haven't finished my latest game!

January 11, 2006Well, it's the new year, and the latest Erin nominations have come out. I'm a little late in posting this (since they came out over a week ago) but my thanks to the Erin nomination committee. My latest game, Tomorrow Never Comes, has been nominated for 9 Erins! And the game I collaborated upon with Chris Cole, Pool Party, has been nominated for 5! I am honored that the committee was so generous, and my thanks go to them once again. To download the latest ballot or review the eligible games, go to the Erin homepage.