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This section is my way of giving back to the Interactive Fiction community a little of what I have received. It includes some library files I have written and used in the construction of my games, plus the complete source code to a couple of games I have written. Christopher Cole inspired this by his offering of the source code for some of his ADRIFT games on his website. I hope that I can in my own small way inspire a few prospective authors out there. Most of these files are for TADS 2, with the exception of "Bob's Garage" which was written in Inform 7.

Legal crap: These files are copyrighted either by myself or other authors as indicated. You are free to copy, use and modify these files as long as you reference the author and indicate any modifications you made to the original code.

Last Minute Gift - Source Code (136K)

This file contains the complete source code used to generate the .gam file used in playing "Last Minute Gift". It contains copyrighted libraries from NewKid (chick.t and its subsequent library files), Suzanne Skinner (chatter.t) and Andrew Pontious (notall.t), as well as the standard adv.t and std.t used in TADS 2. The files I wrote are gift.t, which contains the main room descriptions, and angie.t, which contains the specific code for Angie. Also included is the clothing patch I wrote to correct a small problem in the way chick.t handles player clothing (see "Clothing Patch" below). Finally, there is a simplistic dialogue routine I wrote called simptalk.t.

Chick.t Template (6.83K)

This is a file that can be used as a "fill-in-the-blank" template with the Chick.t libraries, written by NewKid. I recommend that you be familiar with the Chick.t libraries before just jumping into this template first.

Clothing Patch for Chick.t (1.22K)

There is a known bug in the Chick.t library where if you try to drop any of your clothing, you get a TADS runtime error. For example, assume your character is wearing pants. You can "remove pants", and it works just fine. If you try to "drop pants", you get an error. NewKid is aware of this problem. I wrote this ugly work-around to correct the problem until NewKid gets a chance to update his libraries. You simply include this file before you include his library, and the problem will go away. So, in your game file it would look something like this:
#include <adv.t>
#include <std.t>
#include <clothing.t>
#include <chick.t>

Simple Hints (1.75K)

This file is a simplistic hint routine I wrote, but have never actually implemented in any of my games. It is thoroughly documented in the text of the code.

Show Pictures (1.38K)

This lib will allow you to display pictures in a separate picture window in your HTML-TADS capable game. It was used in displaying pictures in "Santa's Little Helper". You can quickly modify the lib to change the size and appearance of this window. Read the code text for documentation on this.

Bob's Garage - Source Text (50K)

This file contains the complete source text used to generate "Bob's Garage", an Inform 7 game. The actual source file is '' in the Source subdirectory. The rest are settings and indexes and other such files used in the Windows GUI. Extract the files and subdirectories to your computer, and point to the main directory ("Bob's Garage.inform") from within the Inform 7 interface to open the source.

Also available is a log of my experiences in creating "Bob's Garage" - my troubles and triumphs from the day I started working on it until the day I released it.

TADS 2 AIF Tutorial (300K)

This is a tutorial on writing a TADS 2 AIF game. This tutorial covers using two popular TADS libraries - SEX.T by Sir Gareth and CHICK.T by NewKid. It takes you from the initial game design all the way up to creating your characters (both player and non-player) as well writing the sexual interaction responses. It is in HTML format.

Chick.t by NewKid (163K)

This library WAS NOT written by me. It is the work of NewKid, and is an excellent library for AIF work. There is built-in support for layered clothing, the use of objects (ex. dildos), multiple interacting actors, etc. When combined with Suzanne Skinner's chatter.t (included) you have an extremely powerful set of tools for building your AIF game.

Sex.t by Sir Gareth (42K)

This library WAS NOT written by me. It is the work of Sir Gareth, and is another excellent library for AIF work. It, too, has built in support for layered clothing, the use of objects (ex. dildos) and multiple interacting actors. It also provides for having a female lead.