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Legal crap: These games are all copyrighted by the author (me). You are free to copy and distribute these games as long as you don't try to claim you wrote them yourself and you don't charge for them. These games involve adult themes and sexual situations and are not meant to be played by individuals under the legal age for such themes (here in the U.S., that means you must be 18).

Troubleshooting WinTADS: Some of my games use a technique whereby I pause the text output (giving the player a "More" prompt), and then clear the screen afterwards. For players using WinTADS, this sometimes causes the text to immediately clear without pausing. If you are experiencing this problem, here is the solution: Select 'Options' from your WinTADS menu. From the drop-down menu select 'Interpreter Settings'. A dialog box should pop-up with various settings. Find the setting marked 'Clear by scrolling' and make sure it is checked. Click 'OK' and you should be finished. Now, when the text clears it will scroll off the screen instead of disappearing. You can then scroll back and read it if you need to.

Each file contains a game file which requires a runtime interpreter to play. As all of my games are written using TADS 2 you will need a TADS interpreter to play the games. You can find one at the Interactive Fiction archive.

  Dexter Dixon: In Search of the Prussian Pussy v1.2
(271K)      Walkthrough (6.91K)      Reviews

You are a gumshoe, a peeper, a sleuth, in other words, a Private Investigator. You are just about to fold up shop due to lack of funds when she walks in: Claudia Vanderbilt. She wants you to find her lost statue, the Prussian Pussy, and is willing to reward you handsomely. This comedic adventure is full of hard-boiled talk and hot steamy action. It was nominated for five 2002 AIF Awards ("Erins"), and received Honourable Mention for Best Humour in a New Age Game.

 Last Minute Gift v1.2
(112K)      Walkthrough (1.22K)      Play Online!      Review

You are at the mall just 10 minutes before closing to pick up a gift for your girlfriend. You enter "Vikki's Secret", a lingerie store, and meet Angie, the store clerk. You think the two of you might hit it off, but you've only got 10 minutes to find out, so you better not dawdle. This game was an entry in Christopher Cole's mini-comp, and was fortunate enough to take first place. This game also received two 2003 AIF Awards ("Erins") for Best Male/Female Scene and Best One-Night Stand.

You can get the source code to this game in my files section.

 The Backlot v2.6 (480K)      Walkthrough (1.42K)      Review

An ancient spell whisks you away to another world - a world where the characters you meet in IF/AIF games are real actors, acting out the games on soundstages. You'll find characters and settings from some of my favorite IF and AIF games as you attempt to find your way back home. This game received two 2004 AIF Awards ("Erins"), for best m/f scene and best technical implementation!

 Santa's Little Helper v1.75 (359K)      Walkthrough (2.20K)      Review

You are Wendell, an elf at the North Pole. You are also Santa's personal assistant. Today is the day before Christmas, and everyone is busily preparing for the big night. But things couldn't be going more wrong. As Santa's personal assistant, the big guy is looking to you to get things back on track again. This game received two 2004 AIF Awards ("Erins"), for Best Threesome/Orgy and Best Puzzles!

 Pool Party
(215K)     Hints  (8K)       Review 1       Review 2

This game is a collaborative effort between myself and Christopher Cole, and picks up more or less where Encounter 1: Tim's Mom and Encounter 2: The Study Group leave off. It is the summer after high school, right before you leave for college. Your friend Tim has invited you and the rest of your friends over to his house for a pool party. This game was runner-up for best lesbian scene in the 2005 AIF Awards.

Best Male PC Best Male NPC Best Writing Best Technical Information Most Innovative Game Best use of Multimedia
 Tomorrow Never Comes v2.21
(526K)     Walkthrough  (8K)       Review 1       Review 2

This game is based upon the series of movies and books set in James Bond's world of international espionage. You are a tech in the Q Branch who gets the chance to become an MI6 agent. Designed to mimic the fast action look and feel of a Bond film, this game was nominated for 9 2005 AIF Awards and was fortunate enough to win 6, including Best Male PC, Most Innovative Game and Best Writing!

 WWE - Raw's New GM
(205K)     Walkthrough  (1.5K)       Review

You are a wrestler just starting out on WWE's franchise show - RAW. It doesn't take long before you are embroiled in a fight with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to name the new General Manager of RAW. This game was an entry in the 2006 Mini-Comp hosted by the AIF Newsletter, and was fortunate enough to be selected as the winner of that competition. This game was also a runner-up for two 2006 AIF Awards: Most Innovative Game and Best Use of Multimedia.

Best Short Game
 Bob's Garage (154K)     Walkthrough  (2.1K)       Play Online!      Review

As a mechanic at "Bob's Garage", today starts out like any normal day - until a chance encounter on the commuter train changes everything. And, your day has only just started! This game was the winner of a 2006 AIF Award for Best Short Game.

This small game was written as an experiment in using Inform 7 as a medium for writing AIF. To the player, this just means that unlike all of my other games you'll need an interpreter capable of playing Inform Z-machine games, in this case Z8. The best place to find one is at the Inform website, where they are organized by operating system, and Graham Nelson even makes recommendations as to which are the better ones to use. Get one here. Also, be sure that your interpreter can read and play Z8/V8 games.

You can get the source code to this game in my files section.

Office Fantasy: Working Late (152K)     Walkthrough  (2.3K)

After months of drooling over your boss, Melanie, you finally have your chance to get to know her better. You and she are working on a big presentation, and you have her all to yourself as the two of you work late to get the job done. Except, the office temp, Lacy, has also volunteered to work late with you! Dang it all! How will you get rid of Lacy and still have a chance at Melanie??

This game was an entry in the 2008 AIF mini-comp, and is followed up by a companion piece also written for this competition: "Office Fantasy: The Boss' Wife". It also contains a fix to the problem which can sometimes cause the TADS interpreter to crash. This game was also nominated for 6 2008-2009 AIF Awards ("Erins"), including "Best NPC", "Best One-on-One Sex Scene", "Hottest Game" and "Best Short Game".

Office Fantasy: The Boss' Wife (139K)     Walkthrough  (2.3K)

Working as an assistant for a vice president of your company isn't hard - just keep the boss happy. And, the fact that he has been spending a lot of time with one of his female subordinates is only natural. Even if it involves a lot of closed door meetings and long lunches. But hey, it's none of your business, right? Well, until his wife comes in during one of these long lunches, looking for her husband!

This game was an entry in the 2008 AIF mini-comp, and a companion piece to my other entry in this competition: "Office Fantasy: Working Late".

Funniest Game
 The Mechano-Menace (190K)     Walkthrough  (3.4K)

You are Aegis, a super hero, who has chased the evil MechanoMan to his warehouse lair. Together with another heroine, Marvela, you must defeat the malevalent genius and his robotic creations, or be overcome by...The Mechano-Menace!

This game was an entry in the 2009 AIF mini-comp, where it was fortunate enough to take 2nd place overall. It was also nominated for 8 2008-2009 AIF Awards ("Erins"), and was fortunate enough to be awarded the Erin for "Funniest Game"!

 My Special Gift (82K)     Walkthrough  (2K)

It is Christmas morning, and you have some time alone with your boyfriend, Derek, before the two of you rush off to spend Christmas day with your families. Now is the perfect time to give Derek your "special gift"!

This game was designed to be an entry in the 2009 AIF Christmas Micro-comp, which unfortunately only had two entries. So, no comp, but two new AIF Christmas themed games! This game was nominated for a 2008-2009 AIF Award ("Erin") for "Best PC".