"You are standing at the end of a road before a small brick building. Around you is a forest. A small stream flows out of the building and down a gully."
Adventure by Will Crowther and Don Woods
"You've just completed your four years at Star Fleet Academy. You've been temporarily assigned to the Galaxy class cruiser, Enterprise. Counselor Troi will make an assessment of your performance while onboard the ship, and will either recommend that you be stationed there permanently, or that you be sent back to the Academy. You've just been transported onboard, and are in Transporter Room #3."
X-Trek by Badman
Looking at all of the websites devoted to IF and AIF, they almost always start out with an introduction to IF, and how AIF differs. Well, mine is no different.

If you're not familiar with Interactive Fiction (IF), it is a (mostly) text-based game system. It consists of simple commands typed in by the player such as "GO NORTH" and "LOOK IN BOX", and the computer response of results such as "You move north and enter a cavern lined with stalactites and stalagmites". In its best form, it is like an interactive novel, in which the story is revealed and shaped by the choices made by the player. (In its worst form, it is a frustrating game of "guess the verb" that makes you want to push your keyboard through your monitor, but let's pretend that doesn't happen.)

Adult Interactive Fiction (AIF) is a subset of IF specifically meant to indicate games with an adult theme. While this can mean many things, almost all games in this genre deal with sex. If regular IF is like an interactive novel, most AIF is like an interactive Penthouse Forum letter. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I'm just not trying to sugar-coat anything. If you're just cruisin' the web, and you came across this website by accident, you should know what this is about.

Now that an introduction is out of the way, let's get to the meat of this site. You are probably here because you are interested in the games I have written or you want to take a look at the source code I have composed. If so, check out the links under the "Download" heading. Or, maybe you are interested in seeing what an AIF game is all about. In that case, I have a couple of my small games, "Last Minute Gift" and "Bob's Garage", available to be played online. You can access them through the links on the left under the heading "Play Online". If you want to read my opinions, check out my "Rants and Ravings". Finally, if you are looking for other IF/AIF-related sites, then you want to see my "Links" page. All of this is conveniently located on the left side of the page.

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August 6, 2012Woot! An update to my site? Can this be possible? Well, obviously it is as..well..here it is! First of all, this marks 9 years that my website has been online, since August 4, 2003. I cannot believe it has been that long!

My second update is that I have officially received a banner indicating that my game, WWE - RAW's New GM, was the winner of the 2006 AIF Mini-comp. Thanks to Purple Dragon for sending this to me. If you're interested in checking out the graphic, you can find it on my games page.

March 10, 2010Not that such a short game needs it, but I have added a walkthrough for my recent Christmas Comp game, My Special Gift.
March 7, 2010The Erin winners have been announced. GoblinBoy, as expected, took most of the awards, but The Mechano-Menace was fortunate enough to take home an Erin for funniest game! My congratulations to GoblinBoy and Raul (who won for best new author), as well as all of my fellow nominees.
February 8, 2010The new Erins are here! The new Erins are here! Well, actually, the announcement of the Erin nominations was made this past weekend. And, boy was I surprised! Three of my games have been nominated for Erins:
My Special Gift - nominated for Best PC
The Mechano-Menace - nominated for 8 Erins, including Best PC, Best Writing, Most Original/Innovative Game and Best Short Game, among others.
Office Fantasy: Working Late - nominated for 6 Erins, including Best NPC, Best One-on-One Sex Scene, Hottest Game, and Best Short Game, among others.
My thanks go out to the nomination committee, and congratulations to my fellow nominees in all of the categories. Please, go to the Erin's website and vote for your favorites. It only takes a few moments.
February 1, 2010Hey, it's my first update of the new year! Unfortunately, it isn't any earth-shattering news about an upcoming game or anything like that. Kron pointed out that my AIF Tutorial had several links within it that pointed to my old home at Geocities. Those have been corrected, and a new version of my tutorial has been posted to this site. You can find it here. I will also be updating the various repositories that also hold a copy of the tutorial.
December 20, 2009Well, the 2009 AIF Micro-comp...has failed. Unfortunately, only myself and Purple Dragon (the comp organizer) submitted games. I still think it was a good idea, and it is too bad more people didn't participate. However, it does mean that two new Christmas-themed games were created for the AIF community. My own submission can be found on my games page. Look for the game titled "My Special Gift". If you wish to download both games from the comp, then look on the AIF Newsletter home page. Or, you can download both games from here.
November 13, 2009Thanks to those who have e-mailed me letting me know about broken links and bad files. It turns out that I forgot that when using Microsoft's built-in FTP program you have to switch it to binary mode when up loading ZIP files and images. Not doing so caused some of the files and pictures on this website to be incomplete. That should be corrected now. Hopefully, all links, pictures, and games on this site should be fully complete.

I'm still in the midst of redesigning the website. I had it all finished and ready, then realized that some of the CSS stuff I was doing works differently in Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 than it does in Internet Explorer 7 and earlier. Curse you Bill Gates! *sigh* Back to the drawing board!

October 30, 2009Thanks to Matrix Mole, I now have a new home! I am still working out some kinks for this new location, and I am also redesigning my site - so please be patient if you find any errors with the site.
October 26, 2009Even though Geocities is shut down, and I still haven't found a new host, I'm keeping the site up-to-date. I've updated my games page with links to reviews for those games that have them. I've also finally gotten around to posting a walkthrough for "Bob's Garage" for all of those players who are having trouble finding the fuel pump!
October 15, 2009Only a few more days until Yahoo! says that they will shut down Geocities, the host of this website. This is scheduled for Oct 26, 2009. I'm still working on finding a new home, but I've added a countdown clock to the website to alert any visitors of the impending termination.
August 21, 2009I have updated my games page, specifically the entries for my last three games. These games were all entries in the 2008 and 2009 AIF Mini-comps, and I have updated the comments for them with links to the home pages for those respective comps.

I also updated a couple of links in the comments for "Pool Party" that take you to Christopher Cole's website. They were pointing to his older, now defunct, website.

July 13, 2009I have updated the closing date for this website, as Yahoo! has indicated that they will be shutting down Geocities on October 26, 2009. I'm still in the process of finding a new home, but I have decided to keep updating this site until I do. With that aim, I have added a direct link to my recent mini-comp game, The Mechano-Menace, on my games page. I also added a walkthrough for the game, for which I've developed a new style. The style is similar to the old Infocom hint books where hints to specific puzzles were revealed a little at a time. If you have any feedback regarding this style, please let me know!

I also discovered that I still had Chris Cole listed as being in limbo. With his recent return to the world of AIF, he also resurrected his website (although in a new location). So, my link to that website has been corrected on my links page.

April 24, 2009Well, it was announced recently (I just saw it today) that Yahoo! is pulling the plug on Geocities. So, this site won't be here for very much longer. I'm currently shopping for a new location and as soon as I have information available I will post it here.
April 20, 2009Thanks to darklambo83 for pointing out that my posted walkthrough for "Office Fantasy: The Boss' Wife" actually contained the walkthrough for "Office Fantasy: Working Late". That has been corrected now.
February 11, 2009After seeing some more posts online asking for help with my last two mini-comp entries, I have decided to post walkthroughs for the games. You can find them on my games page.
December 21, 2008I'm not sure if this is a sign of the apocalypse or not, but I've finally finished Part II of my AIF tutorial. (I published Part I last year.) Part II walks potential authors through NewKid's CHICK.T library for TADS 2. You can find the completed tutorial in my files section.
December 8, 2008While working on my tutorial for writing AIF games in TADS 2 (I am on the section devoted to using NewKid's library), I discovered a small bug in my Chick.T template. I have corrected it, and uploaded a new template to my files page.
June 20, 2008After receiving some reports of an error in one of my mini-comp games, "Office Fantasy: Working Late", I decided to update the game to correct the error. Especially since the error was a rather severe one which caused the TADS interpreter to crash. I have placed an updated version on my games page, along with a copy of my other mini-comp game, "Office Fantasy: The Boss' Wife". (The latter game has not been altered from the one which was released as part of the mini-comp.)
April 9, 2008I received my award for winning "Best Beta Tester" (about a week or so ago), and I finally got around to putting it up on the website. You'll see a link to the full image in the lower left corner of this web page. While I was updating the web page, I also moved all of my 2007 entries to a separate page.
January 19, 2008Well, another awards ceremony has come and gone, and it was another success. I was surprised this year at winning an award - since I hadn't submitted any games. However, I forgot about the "Best Beta-Tester" award - mainly because A.Ninny is such a great tester that I didn't think I had a shot at it. Turns out I did, because I won! Thanks a lot to everyone who voted for me!. And, if you couldn't attend, be sure to check out the ceremony transcript when it is posted to the Erins website.