If you are interested in other Interactive Fiction (IF) or Adult Interactive Fiction (AIF) sites, here are some links to those areas.

Yahoo! AIF Archive

What started as a group to discuss AIF games and as a quick upload site for hosting new games has turned into the main website for discussing AIF topics. It requires a Yahoo! account to access, to which some might object.

AIF Games

A site built to replace the holes left by the AIF Portal and AIF Community Portal websites. It is a great site to find games, discussion groups, ongoing "live" AIF, and just about everything AIF-related. It, too, requires a login to access the full site, but if you are interested in discussing anything and everything related to AIF then this is the site for you!

Christopher Cole's AIF

Chris Cole is one of the more prolific authors in the AIF genre. Chris and I have worked together on a few projects. He has links to almost two dozen games he has authored or helped to create. Plus, he provides the passwords to access his games if you are a potential author. I definitely recommend stopping by his web site.

AIF Newsletter

This is the site for the AIF newsletter. This monthly e-zine is a source of news, reviews, articles, etc.

AIF Awards (Erins)

This is the home for the annual AIF awards, otherwise known as the "Erins". Get all of the latest winners, see eligible games, and read transcripts of the awards ceremony itself!

AIF Community

Matrix Mole has generously donated both his time and web space to archiving the games and files associated with the AIF community. Plus he has links to other AIF sites, game ideas, and other cool stuff.

Interactive Fiction Archive

This is the main source for all things related to Interactive Fiction. You can find games, programming tools, sample code, etc. Due to bandwidth constraints, this site can sometimes be slow to respond. You might want to check out one of the many mirror sites available.


This site has links to just about everything and everybody related to IF.

The Brass Lantern

This is a great site for anyone interested in Interactive Fiction, at all levels. There are wonderful articles on how to design and write games, reviews of games, editorials, awards, etc. If you are interested in IF beyond just playing games, this is the site for you.

IF Wiki

The IF world's answer to Wikipedia, the IF Wiki is a searchable index to information about the world of interactive fiction. Hey! There's even stuff here about most if not all of your favorite AIF authors and their games!


This web development site is a great location to learn all about writing HTML. When I started creating this site, I knew very little HTML (basically just the stuff I picked up writing HTML-TADS). Using Webmonkey and the great tutorials there allowed me to create this site in about 3-4 hours.
Gone but not forgotten

These sites have unfortunately more or less shut down. However, they may always rise again to their former glory!

The AIF Portal

At one time, this website was the online face of the AIF community. It shut down quite a few years ago, but there are links there to all of the old web sites that used to be hosted.

AIF Community Portal

This website was going to be the new AIF be-all-end-all, replacing the dying AIF Portal. Unfortunately, it was struck by hardware failure in 2005 and never recovered. Right now, the link takes you to Matrix Mole's archive.

XTrek Newsgroup (XTrek on Google)

This is the newsgroup where all of us used to hang out and discuss AIF. The newsgroup is still active, but new posts are extremely rare.